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Thank you for looking at our class web-page. This page will let you know what we are learning about each half-term, contain suggestions for helping learning at home, and display photos and children's work so you can see what we have been up to!


Congratulations to:
Learner of the Week - Alfie

Learner of the Week - Dua

Our topic for the second half of Summer term is...

Our topic this half-term is "Big and Small", following the children’s interests that have been noticeable from our previous learning. They loved ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, particularly being imaginative when thinking about the giant! From looking at giants, we cover other objects of massive proportions, including becoming even more of an expert on dinosaurs, and then go on to compare these with the mini beasts that we love finding in our playground. This topic is fantastic for developing maths skills and vocabulary (particularly comparative and size vocabulary) and for non-fiction understanding in reading and writing. Our big question throughout the topic is "Why is it important if something is big or small?" and we start with a 'Talking Tub' of provocations to identify existing knowledge and linked-in questions the children hold. The topic is enriched through several experiences, including a visit to the woods with Mrs Frame and a trip to Tullie House, who are also loaning us some of their natural history exhibits on minibeasts. Zoolab will be bringing some live minibeasts (amongst other animals including a snake and albino hedgehog!) to our classroom to help our learning. Our BLP skill focus is on our reflectiveness as learners, particularly our skills to distil what is important.  

The next few weeks also include sports day and lots of transition work with Year 1 staff to ensure the children move up in the next academic year as happy, confident and prepared learners. Our class assembly will also be a chance for us to share our work in reception with our families and friends before we move on to our new teacher.

 Click on the link under 'What We Are Learning This Term' further down the page for more detail of this exciting half-term in our topic overview.


Homework in reception is explained in a link in the homework section below.

Some other ideas for continuing your child's learning and enjoyment of this specific topic at home include: 

reading lots of non-fiction books to build up confidence in handling these books and extracting facts, noticing the different kinds of mini beasts in our environment and talking about their features and habitats, imagining what it would be like if we were giants/shrunk in size ('BFG' and ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’ are great to watch!). 



Please make sure your child remembers to bring their zip wallet (which contains their school reading book, small blue reading record and A4 home-school achievement book) to school every day so they have the opportunity to read with an adult. Comments will be read every Monday and books will be changed twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. If you would like a new book earlier than this, then please feel free to come into class before or after school and choose one with your child.


P.E. days this term will return to Wednesdays (following the Amaven scheme) and Thursdays (where we have a specialist gymnastic coach) so please make sure P.E. kits are left on pegs throughout the half term for these days.  


Keep looking on our class page to see photos of this year's children learning and having fun in class 1.


Please remember if you have any questions or concerns to feel free to come and see me before or after school.


Thank you,
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