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Gingerbread man

On Monday, we made some gingerbread men, including a giant one for me to eat too! I was entrusted with the job of baking them after school and on Tuesday morning when we came to decorate them, the giant one had run away! We searched the school for clues (Alfie found his toe in the playground and Leah found a pompom from his buttons in the grass) and put up missing posters but he has still not been found! Isla even came up with a plan to trap him but no joy. We have written about where we think he might have gone and so far the most popular idea is that he is in Mrs Corfield's office, spinning around on her chair when she's not looking! If anyone sees our gingerbread man, please let us know - but I have a feeling we might be hearing from him soon! The class still managed to decorate and eat their own gingerbread men though for now!


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