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Welcome to Class 1!

Thank you for looking at our class web-page. This page will let you know what we are learning about and contain suggestions for helping learning at home. Remember to log in to Tapestry to see photos of what your child has been learning in school and check on our social media pages too!


Our topic for the first half of Spring term is...

Our topic this half-term is "People Who Help Us" so we are developing our core skills through learning about our community, what makes it and the people in it so special, and also thinking about how we can give back. We are becoming more confident in asking questions through the various visitors to the school that come to speak to us about their occupation. The topic also enables us to use technology and non-fiction books for research, write for different audiences, and develop our artistic response through use of modelling and different textured art. We are continuing our Read Write Inc. phonics scheme, learning to read and write with a new set of vowel sounds (ay, ee etc.) and also trying to read more and more simple words on sight. In Maths, our number knowledge is being consolidated for 0-10 and for basic addition/subtraction plus we participate in a variety of investigations based on this topic's theme that use our measures knowledge. Our main Building Learning Power skill focus looks at developing collaboration skills - recognising how we can help each other, taking account of other people's ideas and working well as a team. 



 Have a look at our topic overview plan for more details of this exciting half-term!


Homework in reception mainly focuses on reading every day (either a story book read with an adult or a phonics book bag book read to an adult) and this consolidation of RWI at home (little and often) makes a huge difference. Some other ideas for continuing your child's learning/enjoyment of this half-term's specific topic at home include: talking about different people's jobs in your family and thinking about how this job helps people, sorting out the recycling together and talking about ways to help keep our environment clean and healthy, learning your address and practising what you would say if you ever had to ring 999 in an emergency, creating an emergency vehicle through junk modelling with cardboard boxes and tubes, borrowing some non-fiction books from the library about different occupations, thinking of some questions to ask the next time you go to the doctor's, dentist's, vet's etc., looking at the special clothes people wear for their jobs - why do they wear these, having a go at some of the games on Education City (log-in passwords for home use are inside the front cover of the children's home-school books - use the link at the bottom of the page to get to Education City or just google Education City and then log in to any F2 game).  


Please make sure your child remembers to bring their zip wallet (which contains their school reading book, small blue reading record and A4 home-school achievement book) to school every day so they have the opportunity to read with an adult. Comments/questions will be read every Monday and books will be changed twice a week. If you would like a new book earlier than this, then please feel free to come into class before or after school and choose one with your child.


We do PE on a MONDAY MORNING AND THURSDAY MORNING now in class 1 and follow the Amaven scheme for one session and for the other session we have Miss Foster who is a specialist coach come in to teach us gymnastics. PE kit is a white t-shirt, navy/black shorts and plimsols/trainers. Please bring in the PE kit in a bag at the start of each half-term as we do PE straight away on the Monday of the first weeks: it can be left on pegs throughout the half term, and on the last week of half-term we ask the children to bring their kit home to be washed and checked for labels/correct sizes. Please feel free to take it home if you would like at other times too.  


Please remember if you have any questions or concerns to feel free to come and see me after school.


Thank you,
Miss Finlinson smiley