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Take a look at some of our learning areas in class 1

Thank you for looking at our class web-page. Over the course of the year, the children in class 1 have an array of exciting learning opportunities as they start their school journey and we love to share them with you through our online system called Tapestry, which allows us to post comments/photos/videos of your child's learning and also lets us see ones that you choose to post to share what your child achieves at home. Guidance on using Tapestry is available here.

The school also has a weekly newsletter which is emailed to you and remember to check our social media pages too! Throughout the year family members have the chance to come to our class assembly, our curriculum evenings, drop in sessions and parent consultations (two throughout the year alongside three written reports about your child's progress) to find out more about how we teach and learn and to see the children's learning first-hand! Dates for these are advertised on the newsletter well in advance to allow you to arrange attending. If you want to become even more involved with school, we have an established PTA within school that is run by reception staff members and they are always looking for new members and support too. 


In reception class, we are classed as being in the Early Years Foundation Stage and we follow the Development Matters Curriculum as we work towards the Early Learning Goals. If you would like to know more about what we teach throughout the year, please have a look at our curriculum page, which outlines what we teach, when and why. We follow the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme for reading and writing (there are lots of opportunities to come and learn in school about how to support this scheme at home). 


Homework in reception mainly focuses on reading every day (either a story book read with an adult or a phonics book bag book read to an adult) and this consolidation of RWI at home (little and often) makes a huge difference. The school reading challenge involves the child reading five times a week to an adult who records this in their reading record.

Please make sure your child remembers to bring their zip wallet (which contains their school reading book, small blue reading record and A4 home-school achievement book) to school every day so they have the opportunity to read with an adult. Comments/questions will be read every Monday and reading books will be changed twice a week. If you would like a new book earlier than this, then please feel free to come into class before or after school and choose one with your child.

Children can bring in a water bottle to school but they are also provided with milk and a fruit/vegetable snack that they can access throughout the day free of charge. Children also receive a free hot or cold dinner choice in our school hall everyday - menus on the class window and newsletter.

We do PE on a MONDAY MORNING AND THURSDAY MORNING in class 1 and follow the Amaven scheme for one session and for the other session we have Miss Foster who is a specialist coach who comes in to teach us gymnastics. PE kit is a white t-shirt, navy/black shorts and plimsols/trainers. Please bring in the PE kit in a bag at the start of each half-term as we do PE straight away on the Monday of the first weeks: it can be left on pegs throughout the half term, and on the last week of half-term we ask the children to bring their kit home to be washed and checked for labels/correct sizes. Please feel free to take it home if you would like at other times too.  


Our topic for the second half of Summer term is...

Our topic this half-term is "Big and Small". From looking at giants, we cover other objects of massive proportions, including becoming even more of an expert on dinosaurs, and then go on to compare these with the mini beasts that we love finding outside. This topic is fantastic for developing maths skills and vocabulary (particularly comparative and size vocabulary) and for non-fiction understanding in reading and writing; our big question throughout the topic is "Why is it important if something is big or small?". Our school BLP skill focus is on our ability to enjoy exploring when learning. The next few weeks also include lots of transition work (in class or remotely) with Year 1 staff to ensure the children move up in the next academic year as happy, confident and prepared learners. 


Some other ideas for continuing your child's learning/enjoyment of this half-term's specific topic at home include:

reading lots of non-fiction books to build up confidence in handling these books and extracting facts, noticing the different kinds of mini beasts in our environment and talking about their features and habitats, imagining what it would be like if we were giants/shrunk in size ('BFG' and ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’ are great to watch!). 

Please remember if you have any questions or concerns to feel free to come and see me after school or contact me on Tapestry.


Thank you,
Miss Finlinson smiley