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Class 8


Welcome to Class 8


This half term our topic is Tanzania

During this half term the children will be learning all about the continent Africa and we will be focusing on Tanzania, comparing the similarities and differences between their country and ours.



As Writers

As writers the children will be creating their own version of tales from Africa using different features of story writing including using speech marks correctly. They will also be creating their own riddles about animals from Africa using information they have collected themselves. The children will also create a fact book about Tanzania using different features of non-fiction texts such as headings, subheadings and fact boxes etc. 


As Geographers

We will learn that Africa is a continent by locating it on a map and identifying countries within it, focusing particularly on Tanzania. We will find significant places in Tanzania and plot this on a map looking at human and physical features. The children will use a range of media such as photos, books, research, videos etc. to research what it is like for a child living in Tanzania and compare and contrast with what it is like for a child living in the UK.



As Scientists

We will find out about animals that live in Tanzania and we will learn about their habitats and variation and adaptation.

We will learn about natural and man-made materials and their uses.




Maths in Context

We be learning how to read a variety of scales including missing numbers on a number line, weighing scales, thermometers and measuring jugs. We will use a range of measuring equipment to measure the actual size of animals from Tanzania. We will also learn about position and direction including whole, half and quarter turns.



As Artists

We will create some African tribal art using chalks, pastels and charcoal. We will mix paints and use water colours to create silhouette pictures and jungle/plains pictures.

We will create our own musical instruments by recycling materials.  


It's going to be busy and exciting!