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 Welcome to Class 9!

The Eagles

This half term our topic is Islands


During the first week this Half Term the children will be joining in with Fair trade fortnight. We will be learning all about fair trade, and creating fair trade leaflets, as well as making cakes and biscuits for you to taste on  our Fair trade coffee afternoon.  

As Geographers

We will be learning about fair trade; looking at where fair trade products come from and the journey they make to get to our supermarkets.

We will be holding a fair trade coffee afternoon to inform others about fair trade.

We will learn about islands and research about what an island is, the seas that surround it and the human and physical features on an island

We will use Atlases, maps, globes and GPS to locate different islands around the world.

Compare and contrast different islands including the UK to establish what they are like using photos, books, internet, videos etc. as evidence looking at it from the point of view of a child e.g. the local school, shops, weather, play area etc.

Find significant places within each island such as its capital city or national parks etc.

Discuss elements of sustainability and how we can have a part to play.

We will look at Carlisle in more detail and take part in fieldwork to do mapping.



As Writers

We will be learning about the features of non- fiction texts to create leaflets, letters, posters etc.

We will be creating texts with headings, sub headings, fact boxes, glossaries and labelled diagrams.

We will be reading about Fairtrade Thea and the moral implications of fair trade.

We will read a range of texts including non- fiction texts such as What are rivers?,  poetry, fiction books as well as using oral language books to develop speaking and listening skills. We will read, write and recite poetry based on specific structure.


As Scientists

We will be learning about plants and growth.

We will plant seeds and observe and track their changes.

We will be learning about food chains and how animals obtain their foods from plants and other animals.

We will create a garden kitchen.


Maths in Context

We be learning how to use money and what to use to measure either the weight or length of an object.

We will be creating bar charts to compare temperatures between islands and the UK.

We will be using our measuring skills to create a chocolate product.

We will be finding the difference in amounts between fair trade and non- fair trade products.

We will be using our measuring skills to weigh ingredients during cooking.

We will be describing position, direction and movement including whole, half, quarter and 3 quarter turns, as well as compass points and grid referencing.


As Artists

We will be learning about the artist David Hockney and his aerial perspective.

We will look at David Hockney’s use of colour.

We will be creating Mother’s day and Easter cards using mixed media /aerial perspective.

We will look at sculpture work by Barbara Hepworth and create some of own using clay.

Please take a look at the Islands plan for more information.

Please can you make sure you have your reading books with you every day as the children may be reading with an adult everyday!



I hope you all have a copy of the timetable by now but if not you can download a copy from the timetable link below.


PE days for Class 9,  are Tuesday and Thursday. 
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