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Standards and Curriculum

Our plan is to:

  • become an outstanding school in Ofsted terms
  • maintain high standards and rapid progress of all children
  • regularly self-evaluate the progress of the plan
  • review the curriculum including the balance between the National Curriculum and the child centred curriculum
  • agree clear curriculum policies that are understood and followed by all
  • agree a whole school approach to assessment based upon staff professional judgement
  • restructure the school day better to meet the needs of the children and curriculum



Our plan is to:

  • ensure safeguarding is at the heart of school practice
  • regularly evaluate safeguarding practice
  • remodel the building and teaching areas better to meet the needs of safeguarding and the children
  • agree safeguarding policies and procedures that are understood and followed by all


Finance and Staffing

Our plan is to:

  • improve teacher and governor links to ensure that the vision is cascaded and embedded throughout the school
  • improve communication between staff, governors, parents and the community
  • provide positive male role models
  • develop leadership at all levels
  • ensure the budget fits the needs of the school and is monitored carefully to maintain a balanced budget
  • consider Academy Status


Staff teams

Our plan is to:

  • ensure all agreed policies and practices are carried through consistently
  • review time management
  • engage fully with governors
  • ensure our vision and ethos are carried through with rigour and professionalism