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Guidance information for all handwriting sessions

Handwriting instructions and guidance


The guidance will talk through the correct handwriting position the children should learn to sit in independently. It also then talks about how to structure the session. At school, we would practise our handwriting for ten minutes everyday and we tend to look at one letter and practise a couple we have previously learned.


At school, we are currently focusing on Phase 1a sessions. The children already know how to form all of the letters through our learning in the Autumn term but this phase of handwriting session is to ensure they form the letter every time with the correct orientation and start in the right place on the letter. This not only makes the writing clearer to read (by them and us) but also it sets the children up correctly for when they start to do joined up handwriting in Year 1. There is a separate document entitled 'Phase 1a Handwriting' that shows the checklist needed for children to learn to ensure they write each letter correctly - this is linked to the RWI handwriting phrases the children all know from when they initially learned that letter sound e.g. for 'm', the writing phrase is "Maisie, mountain, mountain" and the checklist covers five points including making sure you start at Maisie's head, you draw a straight body down etc.


If your child is confident on writing all of the letters correctly, then please move onto Phase 1b, which looks at relative size of letters and positioning on the line, and again the guidance document covers how to structure the sessions for this phase. There is a separate document for more details on Phase 1b sessions too.