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Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School has a varied and rich curriculum where the children learn whilst having fun. We have a topic themed approach accross the school and also enjoy creating themed enrichment weeks where there is a focus on one curriculum area, interest or topical event e.g. World Cup Week

English is taught with two approaches, a cross curricular approach and also on a specific skills basis. We follow a rigourous scheme for Reading, Writing and Spelling called Read, Write, Inc. Please click on the link below to view the official website for more information.



Writing is taught to every child in some form every day. We aim to treat children as writers, from the earliest stage. We provide experiences in which the child can acquire confidence and a positive attitude to writing.
We encourage mark making from Nursery and build on this skill gradually at the child’s own pace to develop their confidence with writing. 
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The children are able to develop and sustain writing skills by providing opportunities for children to write for a range of purposes and audiences. We have visitors coming into school to inspire and stimulate writing, such as Major Marks in Year 2, or Police men in Reception. 


We use guided writing sessions to model writing skills, teaching children how to compose, amend and revise their writing.


The teachers model writing to the children daily so they children become aware of writing in different contexts.

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We teach children to become critical readers of their own writing by using self – evaluation and checking their work independently for sense, accuracy and meaning.
We teach grammar and punctuation in the context of children’s own writing, as well as exercises and word games and by modelling examples.



At Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School reading is taught using a variety of different strategies. Children can learn to read in many different ways and we aim to cater for the individual.


The youngest children in nursery will match shapes and pictures, hear and discuss stories, books and rhymes and have access to a range of texts to look at.

As the children progress they move onto a phonic based teaching approach and follow the Read, Write Inc programme as the main focus of the class based reading and phonics. This is again enhanced with a wide variety of reading materials, puzzles and games. 

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These children will also receive a reading wallet to take home containing words to learn, books to read from a variety of schemes which are colour book banded according to the level and a reading record book. As the children move onto phase 6 phonics they begin a spelling programme called 'Support for Spelling'. They have focused sessions taught several times a week which works from the year 2 and into the year 3 expectations. Each child will do guided reading and reading activities in a small group session every week.  


We encourage children to read for their own interest and pleasure by introducing them to a wide range of literature.