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Home Learning is now available via Tapestry.

The Nursery 'bubble' is now established, and we will continue to upload home learning resources in parallel to our themes in school. Parents will still have access to all the previous resources that have been posted on Tapestry accounts and on this page for extra input. We love to see how well home learners are doing; short videos on Tapestry are an easy and fun way to communicate this!

Keep checking your Tapestry accounts for details of our virtual art gallery, sports week and talent show...


Ideas from the Tapestry team week 16

Some lovely ideas shared by another school


Summer term 2020

As we start a new term in lockdown, we aim to upload a phonics and story video onto your Tapestry accounts (with suggestions to extend your child's learning as appropriate) for each day that we would have been in Nursery, and a Maths video at the beginning of each week with ideas to use on the other days. 

Lengthy observations are not required, but the occasional video would be helpful, to show your child's response.

Of course, the previous bank of ideas are still available, and many of you have your own great ideas too!

Keep safe and have fun learning. smiley

Ideas from the Tapestry team week 15

Ideas from the Tapestry team

Week 13 ideas from the Tapestry team

Home Learning week 12 - ideas from the Tapestry team

Week 11 ideas from the Tapestry team

Week 10 ideas from the Tapestyry team.

Week 9 ideas from the Tapestry team.

Week 8 ideas from the Tapestry team

Week 7 ideas from the Tapestry team

Week 6 ideas from the Tapestry team

Week 5 ideas from the Tapestry team

Week 4 ideas from the Tapestry team.

Easter-themed ideas for week 3

Ideas from the Tapestry team!

EASTER BREAK! Optional Growth-themed Home Learning Week 2

Google 3D Animals!

Hello to all our Nursery parents and carers looking for ideas for home learning! This is a good place to check regularly for new uploads. However, logging into your Tapestry account is even better, as the resources will also be on there and you will being able to upload pictures and comments about what your child is achieving and enjoying at this unusual time! Please use your browser rather than the app in order to access any extra documents as they are uploaded. I will be checking Tapestry accounts regularly and responding to any messages.

Please do email the school office if you do not have the login for your Tapestry account.


There are also many free online resources available to parents at this time, including TWINKL.

You can also log on to explore Purple Mash: by using the password I have sent via your Tapestry account.

If you are looking for exercise, try joining in a P.E. session with Joe Wicks


Wishing you all a happy and healthy time while you are away from school!


Mrs Rodham and all the Nursery team.

Suggested Daily Timetable


Before 9am


Wake up


Have breakfast, get dressed,

brush your teeth, make your bed

9 - 10 am

Exercise Time


Joe Wicks Daily workout- Youtube


10 - 11 am

Learning Time


    See Tapestry for ideas

11am – 12 pm

Creative Time


Lego, drawing, colouring, craft activities, singing, music, cooking/baking together

12pm – 1pm



Help prepare lunch with an adult

  1. 1:30 pm

Exercise Time


Go for a walk or run

1:30- 2:30 pm

Learning Time


See Tapestry for ideas

2:30 – 3 pm

Quiet Time


Reading,  watch a TV programme,

board games

3 – 4 pm

Fresh Air


Play in the garden

Ride your bike/scooter

4 – 5pm

Electronics Time


TV, Ipads, Games, consoles

5 – 6 pm

Tea Time


Have tea and relax