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Class 1's Dinosaur Fact Files 2020 (from both school and home learning!)

Let class 1 tell you all about the dinosaurs that walked the Earth millions of years ago. You'll find out lots of interesting facts - some learned from fact sheets, books and websites, some facts the children already knew, and some completely made up!

Charlotte's factfile
Riley's factfile
Mollie's factfile
Nancy's factfile
Tyler's factfile
Tommy's factfile
Alex's factfile
Kane's dinosaur
Madaline's dinosaur
Maisie's factfile
Olivia's dinosaur
Eilidh's factfile
Bentley's factfile
Sianna's dinosaur
Cameron's factfile and dinosaurs
Isabella's factfile
Ethan working on dinosaur comparison

If you want to learn even more about dinosaurs...

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