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Understanding the World

At Kingmoor Nursery and Infant school the subject of Geography is an area where the children are provided with the knowledge, skills and understanding to explore the world around them. We adopt an approach to Geography which inspires the children and invokes their curiosity and fascination about the world and the people in it.
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The children are taught about diverse places, people and the natural and human environment around them through a hands on and investigative approach. They also develop their skills in mapping and sampling through creating bar charts, surveys, maps and following coordinates.

We have joined a new project which is running throughout schools in Cumbria called the ‘World from our Doorstep’. The project aims to give children the skills and confidence to be able to face the challenges of today and to develop an understanding and respect for other people and places around the world.

This is all done through a book called ‘Meet Zogg’ which has 5 different themes running through it:
·        Appreciating the world
·        Same and different
·        Fairness
·        Exploring the world
·        Cooperation

The children focus on a different theme each half term and explore new experiences in a fun and varied approach.

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