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See below for our Awards and Associations

We are very proud of our achievements as a school and they reflect the excellent standards of education and commitment to providing the best opportunities for our children.


We are delighted to share that Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School has been awarded a GOLD award by the Woodland Trust for getting involved in green activities including tree planting, visiting a local woodland, reducing carbon emissions and recycling. The Green Tree Schools initiative, which has seen more than 12,000 schools sign up since it was launched in 2008, offers the opportunity to bring the great outdoors, wildlife and green issues into the classroom. Schools win awards for participating in green activities, which include tree planting, reducing carbon emissions and recycling. Great Work!
Schools Membership of Music Mark – a national organisation and Subject Association for Music Education. In recognition of a commitment to providing high quality music education for all children and young people
We believe the Mental Health at Work Commitment, and the standards which underpin it, are a roadmap to achieving better mental health outcomes for employees. It’s a set of actions that we follow to improve and support the mental health of their people.
We have a member of staff who is trained as a Youth MHFA Champion, giving them: 
  • An understanding of common mental health issues and how they can affect young people

  • Ability to spot signs of mental ill health in young people and guide them to a place of support

  • Knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness

  • Skills to support positive well being

By taking part and receiving accreditation as an Early Years Pledge setting we have shown that we are committed to ensuring our children and families are accessing healthy nutrition and nutritional advice, remain Physically active ,whilst supporting and valuing the Emotional Health and Wellbeing of our school community.

We have a member of staff who is trained and delivers Kidsafe sessions to our pupils. These sessions give children a toolkit to help them to keen them selves safe.

The Eco-Schools Programme is pupil-led, involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects. 

We employ a trained Relax Kids professional. Relax Kids uses research-based mindful and relaxation techniques alongside values and positive psychology (positivity, strength-building, gratitude, resilience and compassion) to help support children's emotional health and wellbeing.
The Geography Quality Marks are prestigious awards which recognise and promote quality and progress in geography leadership, curriculum development and learning and teaching in schools.