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At Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School, we believe that religious education makes an important contribution to the education of our young people. We aim to help our children develop their own values, beliefs and morals by learning from and about the religions of others in our diverse society.

Through RE, children develop understanding, respect and empathy for others and appreciate the range of cultures and traditions in our community and wider world.

RE is taught in accordance with the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus for RE and delivered using the 'Discovery RE' scheme of work.

In Religious Education, we learn about Christianity and one other world religion, namely Judaism in Year 1 and Islam in Year 2.  We learn about different beliefs about God and the world around us.  Children encounter and respond to a range of stories, artefacts and other religious materials. We also learn about similarities and differences and to respect other people’s faiths and views.

Children will talk about what is important to them and others, valuing themselves, reflecting on their own feelings and experiences and developing a sense of belonging.

An enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning is used at Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School. We use Discovery RE to teach Religious Education from Nursery until Year 2. Each unit begins with a ‘Big Question’ which the children can instantly engage with, regardless of their own beliefs and worldviews. Children are able to explore the question thorough a 4 step enquiry process starting with engagement followed by investigation, evaluation and expression.


In RE children are assessed over three aspects of learning:

  • a personal resonance with or reflection on the material/religion being studied to answer the enquiry question.
  • knowledge and understanding of the material/religion being studied to answer the enquiry question.
  • evaluation/critical thinking in relation to the enquiry question.