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By taking part and receiving accreditation as an Early Years Pledge setting we have shown that we are committed to ensuring our children and families are accessing healthy nutrition and nutritional advice, remain Physically active ,whilst supporting and valuing the Emotional Health and Wellbeing of our school community.

This is the list of what we have evidenced to achieve the award:


  • Embed the Eat better, start better guidelines for all meals and snacks provided.

  • Support parents to provide healthy packed lunches.

  • Support parents with healthy eating at home.

  • Have a healthy eating ethos.

  • Ensure policies and procedures promote healthy eating. 

  • Ensure practitioners are positive role models.

  • Help children meet the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of 3 hours of activity a day.

  • Embed the Physical Literacy Framework.

  • Strong Key person roles to support children's secure attachments.

  • Setting has a strong emphasis on supporting children's Characteristics of Learning.

  • Supporting children's resilience and independence.

  • Embed recognised approach to emotional wellbeing and Mental Health

  • Support parents to encourage their children to have an active lifestyle

  • Consider whole setting approach to health and wellbeing.

  • Support team wellbeing.

  • Evidence to support and promote the following national and local campaigns:Start4Life, Change4Life ,Sugar Smart, Smile4Life, Every Mind Matters