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Our core PHSE scheme is Jigsaw. Designed as a whole-school approach, Jigsaw establishes consistency that gives all teachers confidence to deliver high-quality lessons. Not only does Jigsaw meet all statutory RSHE requirements, but it also elevates educational outcomes together with mental health and safeguarding.


Jigsaw nurtures children to be confident and successful, increasing their capacity to learn and preparing them for the challenges of the modern world. Developed by teachers and well-being experts, Jigsaw provides children with opportunities to develop their emotional intelligence and life skills.


In addition to Jigsaw we have a substantial offer to support children's Mental Health. Through our Emotional ABC curriculum we aim to give children a voice to talk about and understand emotions. We teach children, from Nursery, how to figure out WHAT they are feeling, WHY they are having that emotion, and HOW to make better choices.

We aim to give our children a voice to talk about emotions. 


We have created our curriculum to meet the needs of our children and this includes teaching children about how they learn through our Learning Powers and meta cognitive approaches.


We have also introduced our 'Kingmoor Shop' to help teach children Money Sense. Thsi is linked to our Ethos and Learning Powers.




In Reception we follow the PHSE Jigsaw scheme but Personal Social Emotional Development is taught through all areas of our curriculum and provision.

In Nursery and Reception we use CUSP as our curriculum framework which identifies the knowledge we want children to know and remember. Our children build knowledge over the Nursery and Reception years to ensure they are ready to progress through the KS1 curriculum. 

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The Kingmoor Nursery and Infants School Shop

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