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Building Learning Power

What is Building Learning Power about?

A quick look…

Building students learning power is about:

  • Helping young people to help themselves become better learners
  • Developing students’ learning habits
  • Preparing young people for a lifetime of learning

What is the visionary idea based on?

  • An extensive body of research into learning and the brain
  • Recent research into the key dimensions of learning habits
  • Practical trials in schools across the country
  • The original pioneering work of Professor Guy Claxton, who acted as programme consultant, and chief inspiration, for TLO’s Building Learning Power programmes

How does it work?

Building students as powerful learners:

  • is based on a coherent picture of what it takes to be a good learner
  • capitalises on previous learning-to-learn ideas
  • grows a student’s learning character and habits
  • develops the appetite and ability to learn in different ways
  • transforms the culture of the classroom and the climate of the school
  • shifts responsibility for learning to learn from the teacher to the learner
  • engages teachers and students creatively as researchers in learning
  • gives schools the opportunity to track students’ learning development

What effect will developing students learning behaviours have?

  • raised achievement
  • improved behaviour
  • increased motivation
  • supple learning minds
  • increased enjoyment in learning
  • established habits of lifelong learning
  • enhanced creativity


Building Learning Power revolves around four ‘learning muscles’, which are: RESILIENCE, RECIPROCICITY, REFLECTIVENESS and RESOURCEFULNESS. Each of these learning muscles can be broken down further into strands. This diagram of the BLP brain shows these strands.