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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

At Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School we know and understand how important it is to get transition right for all pupils so they feel secure, confident and happy. We carefully plan our curriculum and classroom organisation to help support children to make this transition and all of our Year One classrooms have areas of play and continuous provision which are similar to Reception. Our classrooms are carefully designed with the same furniture and resources so that children feel the environment is familiar and safe.   The transition between Reception and Year One can be daunting for young children as they move to a new curriculum with new staff and in new classrooms. We understand this and below we have outlined some of the steps we take to support our children through this process.









We will continue to keep you up to date with things going on in school and let you know who your child's teacher will be through our weekly newsletter.


Our Year One teachers and teaching assistants will continue to get to know your children. They will visit the classrooms and make sure they see them in the hall and at playtimes. 


Teacher and other staff will put an introductory video onto Tapestry for you to share with your child. You can then use Tapestry to ask any questions you may have your child's class teacher will use it to share any information with you. 

JulyChildren will have the opportunity to visit their new classroom and new teaching staff and spend some time finding out where things are and who is who.  

Staff will communicate with via Tapestry and let you know when PE lessons are and walks to the woods!


We will also share on Tapestry an outline of what your child will be learning each week in the form of a curriculum overview. You can see lots of information about our curriculum here: Our curriculum 

Teachers will use tapestry and social media (facebook,Twitter and Instagram) to regularly share information to help you to support your child. If you have any questions please get in touch.


Remember to check our weekly newsletter too.