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We have created a half termly focus across the whole school which brings together Building Learning Power and The Early Years Foundation Stage Characteristics of Effective Learning. We believe that our Learning Powers help to ensure our Ethos and Vision run through everything we do.

When? Learning Power PHSE

Links between Building Learning Power and

the Characteristics of Effective Learning

Autumn 1 Reflecting Being me in my World Active Learning – Being involved and concentrating is a blend of Managing DistractionsAbsorption and Noticing Active Learning – Enjoying achieving what they set out to do and Keeping on trying are facets of Perseverance, although ‘Being proud of how they accomplished something’ is very much an odd one out as it requires the child to reflect on the learning process itself 
Autumn 2 Imagining Celebrating Differences Playing and Exploring – Finding out and exploring is mostly about curiosity, or in Building Learning Power terms QuestioningPlaying and Exploring – Playing with what they know is closely aligned to Imagining.
Spring 1 Learning to Learn Dreams and Goals Creating and Thinking Critically – Making links is about linking ideas and sensing patterns Creating and Thinking Critically – Choosing ways to do things is a combination of, in Building Learning Power terms, PlanningRevisingDistilling and Meta Learning
Spring 2 Resilience Healthy Me Tackle the emotional, cognitive and strategic aspects of Building Learning Power and you will get the Characteristics as outcomes. 
Summer 1 Collaboration Relationships Relating to Others – sociability: Listening to others: Listening to stories with increasing attention; Maintaining eye contact with the speaker; Showing patience when others talk; Showing sensitivity to others’ feelings. [In Building Learning Power terms, CollaborationImitation and Listening respectively.]
Summer 2 Exploring Changing Me Playing and Exploring – Being willing to have a go is not materially different from the aspects of Perseverance already mentioned in Active Learning. Playing and Exploring – Finding out and exploring is mostly about curiosity, or in Building Learning Power terms Questioning





This is a video about our School Shop and how it links to our curriculum and learning Powers