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Outdoor learning

Outdoor provision is an integral part of our learning environment at Kingmoor and is another area that we have invested into. Our children deserved more than just playground and through working with Cool Canvas we were able to create an area that was challenging, lifted the boundaries of a traditional school yard and provided open ended opportunities for our learners.

Our large dry riverbed area allows children to navigate the uneven space, requiring balance and coordination. Their analytical thinking is challenged as they move the adjustable and moveable wooden guttering, Giving the children control over water flow and direction as they explore and experiment.

They have access to their own water butt to fulfil their common play behaviors of pouring and filling. They can move the stones and boulders to create their own channels further down the riverbed. Creating pools of water and little streams.

The children quite often enhance their play in this area with small world creatures, spades to transfer the stones, wheelbarrows to collect and transport water and the most popular enhancement… the hosepipe!’