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Year 3 at Kingmoor Junior School

Moving to Kingmoor Junior School


We work closely with Kingmoor Junior School to plan a range of activities to help your child feel safe and happy when they start. below there is a copy of our whole site transition booklet and a further list of the activties that will take place this year. 

MayWe will talk to children about two friends they want to be with in September. Each Year Kingmoor Junior School mix the children into three classes but we work with them to ensure that children are with their friends as far as is possible.

At the end of June Kingmoor Junior School will write to parents and let them know which class children will be in and who their teacher will be. There will be lots of information to support children and families on their website here.


Throughout June Kingmoor Junior Staff will visit Kingmoor Infants to meet the children.


There will be a zoom parents meeting for parents of Year 2 children. The information will be provided by Kingmoor Junior School.


Parents will be provided with an email address at Kingmoor Juniors to enable them to ask any questions. 


There will be a whole site move up morning and Year 2 children will be able to spend the morning, and stay for lunch, with their Year 3 teacher!


Year 3 staff will visit Kingmoor Infants and join us for our Year 2 leavers assemblies.