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Gross motor development

‘Gross Motor development

Our setting identified an increase of children entering Nursery with underdeveloped gross motor skills.

We knew that core strength development opportunities are essential for our children as without a strong core, head, shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger position are all affected. Hindering possibilities. With this in mind we began to make adaptations to our physical environment as well as consider the resources children have access to during continuous provision.

We set aside an area of our school and worked with Cool Canvas to create our very own custom-made core strength area. Where children have access to climbing nets, rope walks, rope swings, hanging bars, climbing tubes and shoots.

It’s an area children have free access over and is used each and every day. We also looked at other areas within our setting and began to add resources we knew would capture children’s interest whilst developing core strength. These have included digging tools for our mud beds, wheelbarrows, balance bikes, large wooden blocks for construction to name a few.’