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EYFS Overview

The Lancashire Planning Framework to Support Curriculum Development


EYFS staff use Development Matters (2021) and the Lancashire Planning Framework to structure their curriculum. Broad links are then shown on the Trees of Learning as an overview for parents to see coverage.


This planning framework links to the Statutory Framework for the EYFS. All areas of learning and development and their respective aspects as well as the three characteristics of effective teaching and learning form the basis of the planning tool.


The Lancashire framework supports our overall curriculum long term planning. It supports our curriculum with:


• Links to the Statutory Framework for EYFS early learning goals.

• An overview of the skills, knowledge and concepts (key learning) relevant to the aspect of learning and development.

• An overview of opportunities and experiences which should be provided to support the development of key learning (skills, knowledge and concepts) specific to the aspect.

• Sample activities to promote the development of key learning relevant to the aspect. The activities provided are only a suggestion of a few ideas to support each area of learning. They are not a definitive list and therefore should be added to, developed and extended as appropriate to the needs of the children or linked to the school or settings existing provision for EYFS.

• Suggestions of possible resources, materials and websites to support each area of learning/aspect.

• Vocabulary – sample of appropriate and relevant vocabulary.

• Questions – sample of types of questions to support effective questioning. (This is only in some sections)


We also use specific schemes as an overall framework for subject areas:

Read Write Inc: Reading and Phonics

White Rose: Maths mastery

Amaven for PE: This includes home access for parents to see children's progress and assessments

Discovery RE: Religious Education

Jigsaw: PHSE

Purple Mash: Computing